It has long been a way of life for many that things such as shopping, banking, watching movies and booking appointments for various other services, has been dealt with online, via various devices such as our mobile phones, i pads and computers. Winstanley Mediation has offered online mediation services for some time, and therefore has a lot of experience in conducting ‘online’ MIAM’s and mediation.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to use online mediation. A lot of us are familiar with applications such as WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom and Skype.  We will set you up, so there is no need for you to worry.  All you need to do, is be on the end of the phone/I pad/computer ready to be connected.

Benefits of Online Mediation
Online mediation makes our services much more accessible to many, and for different reasons.  It allows you to access mediation services quickly, safely and from wherever you are.  Examples of when these services may be useful include, where there are mobility issues; if you live in different locations which means geographically it would be difficult for one of you to travel; if your work/ lifestyle/commitments means this way is more convenient, to meet those needs; or where there has been domestic abuse.  No process is easy when dealing with such sensitive and important issues and for some, sitting in your own home or office, provides a much more relaxed environment in which to meet.

The mediation ‘process’ online, is the same as it is face-to-face.  Although body language cannot be seen, the Mediator is conscious of this and will instead use other techniques throughout the meeting, to account for this. The Mediator will also take steps to ensure that the meeting is private between the parties and confidentiality is maintained at the start of, and during the meeting.

Online Shuttle Mediation
As with face-to-face mediation, ‘Shuttle’ mediation can also be conducted online so you are not having to see the other party if preferred.

If you would prefer your MIAM or mediation session to be conducted online, please just ask when booking your appointment and this option can be discussed with you.

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