So today we are 2!  It only seems like yesterday we started, and at the same time, like we have been here forever!    

Still passionate, still keen to help make a difference and still committed to working with families to help them focus on the future.

Thank you so much to all our referrers and those who consistently put their faith and trust in us in looking after their clients - a holistic approach and support  is what clients need in these difficult times.  

We look forward to continuing to provide our unique service and meet the needs of our clients through their journey.



An overwhelming majority vote by MP’s on 8 June 2020, brought a ‘no fault divorce’ in England and Wales another step closer.

Currently, there is one ground for divorce and that is that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. 

Last week ITV Granada Reports looked at whether remote court hearings in family cases are helping or hindering the legal system. Working remotely and practising social distancing it seems, despite the total lockdown situation being gradually relaxed, is likely to continue for many months.

These unprecedented times have certainly been difficult for everyone.   More so undoubtedly, for those who were already contemplating separation, living together but separate lives or in an abusive relationship.

Whilst the family courts are doing their upmost to try and avoid delay in hearing cases by hearing them remotely, Sir Andrew McFarlane recently adjourned matters in the case of RE P (A Child: Remote Hearing) due to them being ‘unsuitable’ to be heard remotely.

COVID 19 has meant that there has been a rise in complaints of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can take many forms and can include emotional, psychological, financial and mental abuse as well as physical.

Due to the ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic there has been an increase of the need for parties who are mediating to discuss the effect, this should have, or indeed is having, on their child arrangements.