When experiencing a relationship breakdown, it is quite normal to need support to help you through this difficult time.  Separation and divorce are often described as a similar experience to suffering a bereavement, a deep sense of loss and purpose which can often lead to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and or turning to substance misuse such as alcohol or drugs.  

Sometimes, just finding it hard to adjust to life as a single parent for you and your children can also mean that access to support services to help you and your children cope can be hugely beneficial.  Or, feeling the financial burden of one income and having to adjust your standard of living may mean you also need support and advice.

When dealing with financial matters there may also be specialist advice you need to help you to reach proposals. 

The Mediator can identify when and what advice is needed, and signpost you to various professionals or experts to assist.  This will help you feel fully supported through your journey.

These services include:

Counselling (Parents and Children)
Family Therapy
Support with Mental Health
Support with Alcohol abuse & Drug Abuse
Domestic Violence Support Services
Legal Advice
Independent Financial Advice
Actuarial Advice (Pensions)
Welfare Benefits
Debt Management
Contact Centres

Legal Advice
Mediators cannot give legal advice as we act impartially.  You may need legal advice alongside the mediation process, in particular in regard to financial matters.  If you do not have a solicitor, we can signpost you to an expert family law solicitor if you wish.  If you qualify for legal aid for family mediation, you may also qualify for legal aid for free legal advice from a solicitor who offers legal aid, whilst you are mediating.

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